FOF 113 - Bye Bye Ron + Hamilton's Boogeyman

FOF 113 - Broadcast Live at 6:30pm EST / 22:30 GMT June 30
Today we will have a full show with our opinion on the first Azerbaijan GP as well as a preview to the Austrian GP coming up next weekend. That plus a news roundup as well as the usual dose of speculation and you know what else...

FOF 111 - Spanish GP Post-Race Banter

It's back to the old studio for us and back to the same old ways for Ferrari. We talk about what ended up being an Amazing Spanish Grand Prix dominated by the brilliant fight throughout the race of two true great drivers. We talk about the new era of PR in F1 brought about by Liberty Media's new fan-centered focus and some of the other stories surrounding the race in Barcelona.

FOF110 - Spanish Grand Prix Preview

Today we get together to talk about the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix and all the presumed upgrades that the teams will be bringing to Barcelona and why that is. Danny talks about the benefits of bringing back the old last corner at Barcelona while we speculate on how different the track might be this year with the new and faster cars. We also talk for a while about the Alonso indy test and your usual dose of random stories and speculation. Cheers.

FOF109 - Russian Gran Prix Post-Race Banter

Our immediate reaction to the 2017 Russian GP, recorded right after we watched the race together. We talk about Bottas' great and long-anticipated victory, we go on a rant about Palmer, we get really excited talking about Chase Carey and Sean Bratches, the Sauber deal, and the usual dose of speculation and ramblings.

FOF108 - Russian GP Preview Show - FOF returns

Russian GP preview featuring the return of our long lost friend and co-host, Danny. We talk about some of the news surrounding the upcoming GP in Sochi, Javier gets way too excited about Ferrari's recent performance (as usual), we talk about engine bits, we discuss tyres and also a proposal to change the format of the race weekends that could actually work and the return the New York/Jersey GP as a night race.

FOF107 - Bahrain Grand Prix Post-Race Banter

Post-race banter episode at the Girth Radio studio again. Sorry, audio doesn't start till 08:00 minutes into the show. To skip directly there click here: Joining us today for the post-race show are Dave, Yegor, and Travis - hosted like last time by Mike and Javier.

FOF105 - Australia post race banter feat. Dave

So for the 2017 season we will be bringing you some post-race banter right after we watch the race. This week, in lieu of Danny, we bring you our friend Dave - who has been a regular of our F1 screenings since last year and a lifelong fan of the sport. We go over the action and excitement from Melbourne over some drinks. Hope you guys like these, cheers 🍻

FOF104 - The Season is Upon AUS

Short show today folks, we just wanted to touch base with everyone ahead of the first GP of the season, talk about our thoughts and introduce our latest development! WE HAVE A NEW STUDIOOOOOO
F1 banter and the usual dose of speculation to follow.

FOF103 - How Long 'til Australia? geez...

A recap of the second week of testing plus some news about an F1 Hollywood movie about Enzo Ferrari starring Hugh Jackman, Zandvoort working on a plan to host a GP, and new hirings at the top levels of FOM in Murray Barnett and Matthew Roberts in commercial and and commercial research roles!
But how long until Austraila???

FOF101 - Intro to F1 2017

This course enables students to explore and have a preview of the differences of the 2017 Formula as opposed to the 2016 version, as well as explore some of the predicted benefits and consequences of going in this direction.  We will look at dimensions, the overall design philosophy, and the engine regulations opening up.

FOF100 - 0 TO 100 in 2.4 Years

Episode 100 is here. Lots of good times and a whole lot more to come. We begin the show with a couple of announcements, and a quick breakdown of the idea behind our upcoming "F1 HYPE-O-METER".
We then dive right in to the backstory of Sean Bratches, a man on a new adventure, recently appointed at Formula 1 in the newly created position: Managing Director for Commercial Operations. Get excited about this man! 
And finally some odd news and the usual banter. 
Come celebrate with us, grab a beer or a Downforce and tune in!

FOF099 - Precentennial Conspiracy Dig

Sylt twists the news and tries to get in your head about that 1% FIA commercial rights business.  
Braking forces are getting up to 25% stronger in 2017 and brake discs are getting up to 4mm thicker to cope with that extra force.
Silverstone has handed in their notice, but Liberty says they are prepared to help save the race.

FOF098 - FOF Welcomes Our New F1 Overlords

The Liberty Group has taken over as of Monday and Bernie has been 'deposed'!
Manor is bust and all of their employees have been laid off!
Silverstone has handed in 2yrs notice to cancel the GPofGB!
Christian Horner had a son!
Don't talk about Sebastian Vettel's dog!
A street in Nice has been named after Jules Bianchi!