FOF070 - Unsatisfied Hungary and PreGermany with Kurtis Robinson

This week we start the show by welcoming special guest Kurtis Robinson, a sports journalism graduate from Brighton University in the UK who wrote the popular "Battle for F1's Billions" article, who will share some of his views with us at the half-way point of the 2016 season.

Into the meat and potatoes.  A review of the FORMULA 1 MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2016 at Hungaroring and all of the drama that happened off-track... cause not much happened on track.... Some odd news and a preview of the upcoming GROSSER PREIS VON DEUTSCHLAND which kicks off officially in 2 days.

FOF069 - Hungary Hungry Hamilton & Rumor Round-Up

This week we are previewing this weekends GP at the famous Hungaroring in Budapest, Hungary as well as looking the results of this week's testing at Silverstone.  Finishing off with a half-season overview of the drivers and constructors championships and what we might expect in the second half of the year.

"Part b" is looking at the rumor spreading around this week about Apple possibly stepping in to buy Formula 1, the resurgence of the bid for Imola to host the San Marino Grand Prix once again, the Toronto Honda Indy, FanBoost and finish off the show going over some of the main criticisms of our #10aWeekend campaign which we launched this past week.

2 parts Heineken
1 part   Redbull
pour quickly into a Solo cup

Official cocktail of FlatOutFever and Grands Prix

FOF068 - Grand Prix of Boo-tain Review

This week we have a breakdown of the Grand Prix of Great Lewis at Silverstone, a proper update on Pirelli's 2017 tyre testing schedule, Robertson screw efficiency???, a proposal for a Mediterranean Grand Prix in Bari, and an idea for a rotation of some of the current and recent races on the calendar.

FOF066 - Austrian GP Preview + Brexit Talk

In today’s episode we look forward to the action coming up this weekend at the Austrian GP, as well as some exciting construction at the Red Bull Ring as well as at Monza.  Flavio Briatore is back talking all kinds of madness, about Ferrari and we had a little discussion about whether or not you can really trust a man with blue lenses.  Also we talk about the recent crazy news coming from Britain and what it could mean for the sport of Formula 1.

FOF063 - FOF Heading to Montreal and Canadian GPreview+

We look forward to an action packed week ahead as we will be travelling to Montreal for our Home GP. We talk about the track, maple syrup and poutine wars.  No we dont.  But we do talk about some of the other recent news in the driver market, some of the engine and aero improvements rumored to be making their way to Canada, some F1 driver's parents, and the unofficial start of the 2016 silly season.

FOF062 - That's Not What the 'F' Stands For Guys....

This is the tragic story of the win that never was for DANNYRIC and how #BLESSED Lewis used his smooth driving to #RISE to the top of the podium on one of the most exciting Monaco GPs we’ve seen in a long time! Loving F1 in 2016.  As well we talk about the relaxation of the visor tear-off rules, the relaxation of the helmet graphics rules, the tightening of the halo rules.

We go over some more details about a possible development down the Monaco Harbour and other random bits and stories from last weekend and looking forward to the next race. The Canadian GP baby!

FOF061 - Raining Rumors Monaco GPreview

Of course, we are starting this week’s show with a roundup of the rumors flying around the paddock coming off the crazy run of races we have been treated to so far this season leading us into Monaco.
Speculation is rampant.  We look at the driver’s standings, 4 different possible and current F1 circuits undergoing contract or layout changes, some Ferrari rumors which have been swiriling round the past few weeks, and some news about F1’s newest giant sponsorship deal with Heineken!

FOF060 - The unVerstappable Spanish GP Debrief

All hail our new hero, the one they call MAX. We begin this week’s show with the obvious - a recap of what ended up being one of the greatest races in recent times. We’re gonna give our opinion on the ROS-HAM incident. Tune in for all the tasty tasty speculation.
Mid-Season testings begins today, too, and we have a breakdown of the morning session, as well as some MORE new mid-season rules coming into effect at Monaco about visor tear-offs.  Also, some Brazillian pride, the youngest drivers of all time and maybe one or two other things.

FOF059 - Jos&Max Verstappen Dance

We go over the recent mid-season seat swap at the Red Bull-owned teams and cover why it might not be as unprecedented as it seems, as well as looking forward to this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona

The second segment this week deals with a tribute to the great Gilles Villeneuve, the big come-up of another to-be-great Canadian Nicholas Latifi, and the possibilities of 2017 Cars and Grands Prix including Moscow, London, Las Vegas and Monza   -   whuuuuut!?

FOF058 - Russian Lewispiracy And 2017

Starting the show today with a recap of the chaotic Russian Grand Prix, as well as diving into the conspiracy theory surrounding Lewis Hamilton, the controversy surrounding the Red Bull windshield, and the clash between Kvyat and Vettel in the first lap.  What a race!
Finishing off the show this week with some debate about the canopy/halo concepts, some various opinions about them and a few other tid-bits from the past week including remaining token counts for this season.

FOF057 - Russian GP Preview with Tobias Grüner

We kick off the pre-Russia show this week with an interview and chat with Tobias Grüner, journalist with Auto-Motor-Und-Sport magazine. We close out the show this week with a quick preview of the Russian Grand Prix from this May 1st, as well as covering some of the few smaller stories that have come up in the past week.

FOF056 - Chinese GP Take-Away 2016

We start the show with a review of the Chinese GP.
There is a lot to talk about surrounding Ferrari this week in light of the EU commission investigation, Sergio Marchionne making demands, Alfa pondering a re-entry to the sport and a few other interesting quotes.
In the bits we go quickly over Vijay Mallya’s arrest warrant, Rio Haryanto’s large, looming owing, the reprofling of Sepang and the attempt at a return for the Kyalami South African Grand Prix, and why Jackie Stewart thinks Mercedes should leave F1.

FOF054 - Tim Huaraney Interview and Lewis of Arabia

This week we start with a review the Bahrain GP and all of the madness that went along with that, as well as the rest of the big news of the week.  We also talk to Motorsports Analyst and fellow F1 fan Tim Hauraney from TSN - The Canadian F1 Broadcaster. This was a good one, don’t miss it!  In the final segment of our show today, we go over the recent evolution of Alfa Romeo’s motivation of their intentions to enter F1, and some recent developments that may make it happen sooner than we may have recently been led to believe.  As well dietrich mateschitz’ moves to return the Osterreichring to it’s former glory.

FOF053 - Pre Bahrain and Dr. Andrew Phillips of F1Metrics Interview

Dan is back from his vacation and we discuss the upcoming action at the 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend. Everything that’s gonna be excited and a couple of things that aren’t that exciting - Qualifying format, we’re talking about you! We also give our opinion on the big mess that F1 finds itself in right now. We also have a great time talking about F1 with Dr. Andrew Phillips of F1METRICS

FOF052 - 2016 Australian GP Sins and Redemption

In a Dan-less episode we go over the action during the 2016 Australian GP, including all the mess that led up to it and repercussion coming from it that will affect the year to come. We discuss our reactions to seeing and hearing the 2016 cars tear down a track in anger, as well as the usual dose of ramblings and speculation.

FOF051 - 2016 OZ and Season Preview and State of Affairs

Can you all feel it? Formula 1 IS BACK BABY! And despite anything that Mr. E. might say about it we are super stoked for F1 in 2016. We’re gonna talk about the Australian GP coming up this weekend and we are also announcing our brand new CONTEST - WIN 2016 CANADIAN GP TICKETS and much more in this packed episode!