FOF090 - F1 Musical Chairs

Today we will be talking about the recent developments in the F1 world - Nico Rosberg retires, The French GP is back and the Dutch Grand Prix of the Netherlands is on it's way.  But who is going to sit in that Mercedes tho!?!?!?

FOF088 - A Veritable Duel in the Desert

So this is it. The end of the current year and the current season of F1 and we honestly could not have asked for a better end to what was a season for the history books. Records were broken, rules were redefined, and the old conventions were thrown out the window. 

Let's get ready for the #DuelInTheDesert

FOF086 - Strolling into Brazil

In this week's episode of Flat Out Fever we talk about Lance Stroll and how worthy he is of his F1 seat, some wisdom from Williams Chief Technical Director Pat Symmonds, Ross Brawn, Sauber, the Brazilian GP and more.

FOF085 - Mexico's Cursed Thirds

Mexico GP review, all the shenanigans surrounding it.  What a ridiculous weekend.  Javier put together a feature about Ross Brawn, Jenson Button is upset that WADA hasn't been collecting his pee, Tilke has allegedly designed an F1 racetrack for St. Petersburg in Russia, and we ended with an interesting feature you won't want to miss about something everyone has been wondering for years.  Where does Sauber's MONEY come from???

Sorry, we had some technical issuses with the modem this week.  The youtube controller reset, so the background is from last week :P  Other than that there shouldn't be any issues with the video or MP3.

FOF084 - Nicholas Latifi Interview and TayTay Makes Austin CrayCray

In the first part of today's episode we started by featuring our guest, Nicholas Latifi, Renault Sport F1's Test Driver and DAMS GP2 driver. We also discussed the recent USGP and the upcoming Mexican GP

In the second half today, we got deep into the USGP results and how they will roll into the rest of the season and some of the decisions which are coming for the 2017 grid.  Aaaaand a bunch of other stuff-

FOF082 - JapanSnaps and Other Modern Maladies

Suzuka never disappoints and this year was no exception. The Japanese GP might very well be seen as Nico Rosberg's defining moment in his quest for the 2016 championship. We will be talking about all the action on and off the track as well as other news from the F1 circus.

FOF081 - Interview with Jarno Zaffelli of Dromo Circuit Design

This morning we have a special guest who is the founder and head of Dromo Circuit Design out of Italy, Jarno Zaffelli. They recently completed the redesign of the Sepang International Circuit, Home of the Malaysia Grand Prix using their revolutionary and proprietary circuit safety software system DroCAS.  

You can find him on Twitter:

And be sure to check out the Dromo Circuit Design website at:

FOF080 - Lewis Dodged a Shoey

In today's episode we will go over the action and outcome of the #MalaysiaGP - It's not MalaysiaN!. Also, it's not IF but WHEN you drink, don't drive. And if you still have your pants on, you won't go to Malaysian jail. We will also be previewing the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix.

FOF079 - Lance Stroll Interview and Malaysian GP Preview 2016

In Today's episode of Flat Out Fever we are proud to feature Lance Stroll. He is the current leader of the FIA European Formula 3 Series driving for Prema Powerteam as well as being the development driver for F1's William Racing.

In the second part of Today's episode we talked about the redesign of the Malaysian GP and other things to come in this weekend's Grand Prix including confirmed rule changes for 2017 and 2018, the Pirelli tyre construction changeup for this weekend and a few other rumors here and there.  Javier promised to do a shoey.....

FOF078 - Singapore AF

In today's episode we will be talking about the action of the Singapore Grand Prix, in and outside the track. Bernie was taking the new boss out for a stroll up and down the paddock. Other topics include: Alonso, Perez, Ocon vs. Wehrlein, active windscreen, Chase Carey, Malaysia, and more.

FOF077 - FRICing Singapore

Today we will talk about the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix, some additional information about the Liberty deal, we're gonna talk about the Mercedes FRIC-legacy trickery, and much more as always.   Russian drivers, vanity covers, mad humidity, night-racing, etc.


FOF076 - Liberty for F1 but not Freedom and Some Fun

So many juicy F1 news this week. We start with a roundup of the recent news of the purchase of F1 by the Liberty Media Group. We go over what the big players are like and we talk about some of the repercussions of the deal. We continue this show talking about the happenings at Monza last week and also all the other news surrounding drivers retiring and those who will replace them.... And more.

We recap the (lack of) action at monza last week, beefed up with off track action, news of drivers leaving and entering the grid, and other track news


FOF075 - SPActacular to the Max

In this episode we talk about the happenings in the Ardennes forest during last weekend's Belgian GP in the Magnificent Spa Francorchamps. Max Verstappen making some of his fellow drivers angry, especially Kimi. Alonso shined during the race. Webbed did a shoey. #TEAMLH made it to the podium. 
Rumours again about the sale of F1.
Three Cubed.

FOF072 - Tales From the Summer Break Vol. 1

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This week we plan to do a few mid-season driver updates, go all TMZ on Kimi Raikkonen and HAM, talk VR and it's future in racing, and a few other odd stories that we don't get to talk much about during the meat of the season.  Also a complete rundown of the driver lineup and possible changes coming  this season and next.  ENJOY.

and thanks for listening!

FOF071 - German GP Unlimited Limits

We are gonna kick off the show this week with a recap of the German GP, as well as the 3 big talking points of the weekend.  The halo, the radio, and track limits.

As well we will talk on some driver seat rumors for 2017, some upcoming race rumors, and a new rumor floating around about the sale of Formula 1.  

Oh yeah, and Bernie got its mother-in-law back

And a little about tyre testing.....