Richard Matthews Interview - Composites Engineer at Cérvelo - FOF092 Nov 2, 2016

As a Christmas bonus we bring you a VERY SPECIAL interview with Richard Matthews, P.Eng - chief Composites Engineer at Canadian high-end bicycle company Cérvelo.

Cérvelo makes high end bicycles for recreational and professional riders. They were basically the first brand to put engineering first when it came to designing bikes and their success internationally speaks for itself. 

Some of the tools Cérvelo uses to design their bikes are similar to what F1 engineers have to use and his insight into the world of Carbon Fibres is second to none. 

We had a great time with Richard and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

Richard's White Paper - "The Myth of Modulus":

Nicholas Latifi Interview - Renault F1/DAMS GP2 - FOF084 Oct 25, 2016

Formula 1 test driver for Renault Sport F1, Nicholas Latifi was kind enough to take a bunch of time out of his busy racing schedule to talk with us about his career thus far.  He gave some great insight into what it's like behind the scenes during an F1 race weekend, some of his mental-training techniques and what it takes to keep your body in shape, what it feels like to turn the wheel in different race cars, comparing power-steerring to non-, and a whole bunch more stuff. 

It was a great conversation, and he really did give us a lot of his time.  We hope you learn as many new things as we did, and enjoy-

Jarno Zaffelli Interview - Dromo Circuit Design - FOF081 Oct 6, 2016

We spoke to a special guest, via skype, who is the founder and head of Dromo Circuit Design out of Italy, Jarno Zaffelli. They recently completed the redesign of the Sepang International Circuit, Home of the Malaysia Grand Prix using their revolutionary and proprietary circuit safety software system DroCAS.  

You can find him on Twitter:

And be sure to check out the Dromo Circuit Design website at:

Lance Stroll Interview - Williams Dev. Driver - FOF079 Sept 29, 2016

Trimmed version of our episode 79 ( where we talk with FIA Formula 3 European Championship Leader and Williams Development Driver Lance Stroll. Calm, Competitive, Canadian; we really had a lot of fun with this interview and wish him all the best. He is truly a star in the making and there's no doubt he'll make his mark in F1 soon enough.

Tobias Grüner Interview - Auto Motor und Sport - FOF057 Apr 25, 2016

Our second interview with Tobi.  Tobias Gruner is an automotive and racing journalist working for AMuS out of Germany.  We chatted here near the beginning of the 2016 Formula 1 campaign about some predictions for the upcoming season, Tobi’s hectic work-travel schedule for the year and all kinds of other professional insight on the sport.  We hope you enjoy.

Tim Hauraney Interview - TSN Motorsports - FOF054 Apr 5, 2016

Tim Hauraney is a Motorsports analyst and producer at TSN, The Sports Network of Canada, and he is also a racer himself, having competed in many categories.  His job is to let us know what's going on in the world of F1, and he was kind enough to call in and chat with us about our favourite subject for over an hour.  Tim is great at what he does and we hope you enjoy our conversation.

Dr. Andrew Phillips Interview - F1Metrics - FOF053 Mar 29, 2016

At the beginning of the 2016 season we had the opportunity to chat with a Formula 1 fanatic and real doctor of applied mathematics, Dr. Andrew Phillips, who is the author of the F1Metrics blog.
We talked about his "2016 PreSeason Form Guide" and his predictions on how the team hierarchy would unfold as the year progresses, as well as other F1 related topics.

Michael Herman Interview - F1 Marshal - FOF032 Nov 3, 2015

Michael Herman is a Formula 1 Race Marshal whom we had the pleasure of meeting at a bar in Montreal, Canada during the 2015 Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend.  He was kind enough to call into the show a bit later in the season to discuss his passion, and what it really takes to get on track and enforce the rules at 350kph.  It turns out there is a lot more to it than just waving flags about!