Let's take a quick look at the numbers.

We may not have the circulation or subscription numbers of the major publications or networks but we have a loyal and growing audience with certain valuable traits.

International Appeal

We appeal to more than just Canadians. 80% of our traffic comes from North America and Europe, predominantly the UK, the USA, and the Netherlands - outside of our home country. 

Subscriber Growth

Aside from our video content on YouTube, we distribute our episodes in audio (mp3) format via RSS podcasters such as iTunes. Over the last year we have grown our subscriber count through those channels by 250%, and the numbers keep climbing.

Key Demographics

Almost 90% of our traffic comes from 18-44 year old males, the internet is a place of niches. We are particularly popular among millenials, constituting about half our traffic. 

Audience Retention

We have a very nice balance between our new and returning visitors. There is a core group of listeners that keeps coming back week after week, as well as casuals that only watch our shows when they can catch them live, and lots of brand new listeners every episode.

A word on our style

WE always prefer to have conversations rather than interviews with our guests. The fact that we are completely self-funded and independent gives us the freedom to really bring out their personalities. We are interested in every single aspect of the sport, from the on-track action to the most technical subjects, always with a light-hearted yet informative approach. We understand millenials because we are millenials. We are Flat Out Fever and if you want to see what we are all about, below are a few samples of our work. We like to keep our content raw, unedited, and LIVE whenever possible.

One of our proudest moments. a 30-minute telephone Interview with Lance Stroll one month before his Williams announcement. We think we were able to show a side of Lance that hasn't come out any of his other interviews.

We can talk to technical people too. This is an interview with Jarno Zaffelli, president of  Dromo Circuit Design out of Italy, who did the redesign of the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia last year.

Throughout our Journey we have had the chance to meet some fantastic people from the world of F1 Journalism. Someone we like to call an old Friend is Tobias Grüner of Germany's Auto Motor und Sport - he has appeared featured on several episodes of our podcast.

We have also managed to build a relationship with some of the biggest names in Canadian Motorsport Journalism. We are really proud of this interview with Norris McDonald, a veteran in Canadian Motorsport Journalism.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Flat Out Fever